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The Importance Of Design for Testability (Hebrew)
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(12:11 , 05.11.2015)
NEXEYA CANADA INC. established and acquisition of CABLETEST SYSTEMS INC., a company specializing in cable harness, backplane and complex interconnect system testing.
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Emdo Technologies vast experience allows us to share with you an important fact about PCB and Cable testings-


Finding a problem in a PCB takes ten times more (x10!) as one is progressing with the Manufacturing stages. For example:



While the cost of finding the problem will be 5$ in the component level



It will grow to 50$ after the board is assembled



rise to 500$ after product integretion



and go to 5000$ to repair it at the customers



For information on testing please contact us - 052-2545735



Emdo Technologies provide outsourcing service to our costomers from the early stage of disgning for testebility, through developing testing programs and testing the boards.

Our company has acquired a wide experience in Automatic testings in various kinds of testings: JTag / Boundary Scan, ITC, Flying Probe, various equipment for spotting faults, and Cable and Backplane testers




Emdo Technologies is a authorized supplier

iso 2008 eng
of the Defense Ministry and carries ISO 9001







Emdo Test Solutions for Various Industries

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